A Sickly Child.

I was always so happy and proud to have healthy children. That was until the third child came along. She is a sickly child. She got sick a week after she was born with her first cold. Since then it seems like she has been sick every other week. June and July have been her only good months. On top of being sick so often, she is a terrible napper. Logan says this is my fault because I spoiled her. I used to think that children couldn't be spoiled, but I told Logan that since she's quite possibly our last I was going to spoil her. And well, I believe she's spoiled. I've held her as much as I could and she hates for me to put her down. She naps best in my arms, when I try to lay her down she usually just wakes up mad. Since she was little she has always put her hand in my shirt. The last couple of months she has been sticking her whole arm down my shirt. She does this with Logan as well. I'm not sure why she does this, perhaps it  makes her feel  more secure. It makes it harder to lay her down and she often scratches me. I decided to make something that would help both of us.
 If she doesn't have her arm down my shirt, she likes sleeping on my stomach.
I think all the sounds remind her of being in the womb and she sleeps so good.
I sewed some fabric together into a sort of pillow and filled it with rice. 
Just 40 seconds in the microwave and it's nice and warm to simulate me being cuddled up next to her.
I also made a pocket so I can slide her hand into it so she feels like it is inside my shirt.
She's only used it a few times so far, but a few times is better than none.
See this, this is a rare occasion.
My sweet baby. I love her soooo much.
This week Alexandria has an ear infection in both ears, and the doctor says one may have ruptured.
She also has an upper respiratory infection.
Victoria's not feeling so hot either and has been wanting some mommy loves since Alexandria has been getting most of it.
I decided I could hold both of them at the same time. 
Victoria loves it. Alexandria is a different story.
I don't think she likes sharing her mommy.
I sure hope my baby girl grows out of this always being sick stage. 
I hate to see her in pain, and I hate to hear her scream and cry.
I'm hoping she makes a speedy recovery and stays well so we can enjoy the fall weather and activities we have planned.


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