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A Great Day

Logan set up his hunting camera close to the house yesterday and we saw a deer on it!
It got spooked by something so we just caught a glimpse of a little spike in the first 5 seconds, but Logan is so excited, like a kid at Christmas.
Today we all 5 slept in late, Nikolai stayed home from school. He had a fever, headache, and belly ache, but was still able to enjoy the day. We all went for a walk down deep in the woods.  When I was jogging the trails I spotted places where deer were nesting.  We took the camera down there so we could see how many were in the area.  Logan spotted deer tracks so we know there is some down there.
But anyways, Logan watched the kids while I went to another interview.  When I got home we all watched Iron Man 3 together. Great movie by the way!  Then me and the kids colored paper over leaves so that we had pretty colored leaf imprints. All three kids were feeling better so I took them to the park to play. I think I wore them out because not long after sup…

Slowing My Roll

I've always tried to do crafts with my children. I feel like the time I spend with them, the creativeness, improvisation, and overall art my children are doing are educational and definitely beneficial to their emotional and mental health. Here lately, I've been feeling lost, not having something I have to do everyday gets me down. I need to work towards something. I need clear goals and checklists. Honestly, I have trouble slowing down and enjoying the moment like I really should. I've learned through the past few years that doing crafts with my children gives ME enjoyment. It makes me feel like I achieved something, even if I didn't get anything else done and the rest of the day was bad, at least I did something successful with my children. It makes me feel like a good mom because I sometimes don't. What's a plus is that my kids love to do crafts with me. With a sickly baby, sometimes I don't get to participate, just set everything up for them. But I hel…

A Sickly Child.

I was always so happy and proud to have healthy children. That was until the third child came along. She is a sickly child. She got sick a week after she was born with her first cold. Since then it seems like she has been sick every other week. June and July have been her only good months. On top of being sick so often, she is a terrible napper. Logan says this is my fault because I spoiled her. I used to think that children couldn't be spoiled, but I told Logan that since she's quite possibly our last I was going to spoil her. And well, I believe she's spoiled. I've held her as much as I could and she hates for me to put her down. She naps best in my arms, when I try to lay her down she usually just wakes up mad. Since she was little she has always put her hand in my shirt. The last couple of months she has been sticking her whole arm down my shirt. She does this with Logan as well. I'm not sure why she does this, perhaps it  makes her feel  more secure. It makes…

Gearing Up for Hunting Season

The Fowler household is gearing up for hunting season! Okay, maybe it's just Logan. But all of us, (except Alexandria) are enjoying shooting guns and using the deer blind. I'm sure our new neighbors hate us with all the racket we've been making.
 May be a cheap .22, but we love it. It is extremely quiet; we don't need any noise cancelling headphones when we use it. There's absolutely no kick back and it's easy to aim. Nikolai really loves this gun. Great next step up from his BB gun. I'm so glad we can provide him with the opportunity to learn about guns and how to use them safely. I believe Logan will take him small game hunting this winter. I know there both excited.
Happy Hunting Ya'll!