Working Mom's Can Breastfeed Too!

While doing an internship earlier this year, I had to leave my 2 month old breastfed baby. I knew that I was not ready to quit breastfeeding, but I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to find an employer who was willing to let me take breaks just to pump. I learned some valuable information. "It's the Law!" Employers are required to give breastfeeding mom's breaks to pump and a clean comfortable place to do so. I was lucky enough to find someone that was completely fine with my pumping needs. However, my colleagues thought I was a little strange. They seemed fascinated that I would even bother pumping, I got asked several times why I didn't just give my baby formula. Well, I breastfeed because I think it's whats best for my baby.

With my first daughter, I would try to pump with an electric double pump, but I just could not get any milk that way. For most people, electric pumps are ideal. With my 2nd daughter I tried a single manual pump, and it works great for me! My daughter eats nearly every 4 hours now that she is nine months old. When I have to leave my daughter, I try to pump about the same times that she would eat. When I start working again, I should only have to pump twice during my work day, which shouldn't impede on my work. It takes me about 10 minutes to pump. But, everyone is different. What works for me may not work for you. It's all about finding what works for you and your needs.
When I'm away from home I take my freshly pumped milk and place it in an insulated bag with a freezer bag so it stays cool until I get home.
If you don't have one of these magnets, get one! My local hospital gave me one when I had my baby but I've read you can find them online for cheap. I looked at this several times when I began pumping and it was a great resource.
 When I get home, I get out my Lansinoh breast milk storage bags and easily pour the milk in, press the air out, and seal the double seals.
 Then I label it with the date, time, and amount.
 Then I lay it flat in the freezer so it's easier to store. I started placing my frozen milk in a plastic box so that nothing gets on the bags and ruins or rips them.
 I just want to encourage working moms that they can continue to breastfeed if they want to. It's easy to do and employers are required to give you breaks and a place to pump. With the right pump and the easy to use Lansinoh freezer bags, breastfeeding and working are possible!


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