This Past Week...

This past week we have been sick. Yuck. We hate being sick!
 Before I got sick, I finally got my hair done!
I was happy.
Alexandria was happy.
Victoria was happy even though she wouldn't take a picture with me.
Nikolai was happy.
Then it happened.
 All on the same day.
 We all got sick out of no where.
 Nikolai got a croupy cough and snotty nose.
Alexandria got a fever, snotty nose, watery eyes, and drooling.
 Victoria got a slightly snotty nose.
 I got watery eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, and headaches.
 Logan got sinus issues, sore throat, ear infections, and a bloody nose a few times.
 We decided to isolate ourselves.
 We drove to the lake to be by ourselves.
We took our pillows, blankets, food, medicine, and Kleenex's
 We went through a lot of Kleenex's!
 We were miserable, but we tried to relax and heal.
Logan thought I was going to let Alexandria fall of the porch so he put a leash on her and handed it to me to be funny. 
 She looked so pitiful!
She looked shocked when she discovered the rope!
 And she simply wouldn't have that.
 And she was off again,
 With her snotty nose,
And her watery eyes.
 At least the medicine took away the fever.
 The kids wanted to fish even though they were snotty and coughing.
 We tried to have fun but we all ended up inside laying down watching shark shows on Discovery channel.
 I did enjoy a cold coke and some cashews though.
 Nikolai begged us to take him to see Disney's Plane's. So we went to the 411 Drive Inn.
 Note to self: Never ever take a sick family of 5 to the drive in. It sucks. We were dumb.
 The kids were whiney, I was uncomfortable, Logan was irritable, and the baby cried.
 I thought we were all getting better yesterday, but the baby still continues to have fevers.
She's so pitiful and I hope she gets better soon...


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