The Night Before School...

Last Friday we met Nikolai's teacher, which just so happens to be his t-ball coaches wife. 
We were excited he got a teacher he was familiar with. 
 She has 14 years of experience as a teacher and you can tell by her classroom and letters that she a fun and crafty person!
After supper we had a special dessert!
When it was time for bed, we used Jitter Glitter that his teacher gave him, which was a really cute poem and pack of glitter to put under his pillow to help take away any jitters. This boy had none, but he used it anyway!
I stayed up and made sure everything was ready for Nikolai and Logan on their first day of school.
 There's a special place for his back pack
 And a place for his school shoes and dirty clothes.
 I love the identification tag that his teacher gave him. 
It has information on it in case he or his back pack gets lost.
 I set up a calendar and clipboard so we can stay organized.
 I'm almost done with his homework station, just want to add a few more things.
  I love the Monkey books his teavher made for the kids.
  She's thought of everything, even stuff I was planning on doing.
Places for money and a notebook for writing notes to her.
 Lunch menus
and calendars.

He's all ready for his first day!


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