Nokia Lumia

For the past 4 years I have enjoyed my LG EnV 3. It was a durable phone, it survived way too many falls, a lot of slobbers, and a couple throws. I have missed out on the fad of smart phones and apps. I've watched Logan check our bank account and use Google while we were away from home and thought that would be nice. I've seen people use coupons off their phone and thought of how much I could save if I had one. But really, I loved my LG, and I didn't really want a touch screen phone. I liked the luxury of having buttons to push. I could text without looking and it met all my cell phone needs. But, Alexandria had been extra rough on my phone lately and it was malfunctioning big time. With receiving calls about interviews, I needed my phone to stay on and it couldn't, poor thing. I kept seeing the commercial for the Nokia Lumia. It caught my attention because of the powerful camera it had. I am always taking pictures of my kids and I love sending pictures of them to family and friends. I told Logan that when I got another phone, that's the one I want.
Logan told me he was running to the gas station and he would be right back. We live only a few minutes from the gas station, so after 25 minutes I began to wonder where he was. He eventually showed up with a Verizon bag and said "don't be mad." Seeing as it was his birthday, I thought maybe he had went and bought him a new phone. Nope. He upgraded my phone. He handed me my Nokia Lumia and I was speechless. It was so thoughtful of him, he really does listen! But then he had to ruin it. "I just didn't wanna hear you gripe and complain about not having a phone," he said. Double whammy. He bought me something on his birthday and he did it to avoid griping. That made me feel like crap. But oh well, I got a new phone, and I'm in love!
I love the camera and the camera apps. I'm still learning it all. You can change the ISO and all the specifics about the camera which is awesome! I'm picking up on the touchscreen better than I thought I would and I love how I can personalize the front screen and have everything I need right there with one touch: weather, email, pictures, music, calculator, my calendar, and so much more. I highly recommend this phone if you love taking pictures!
 Kisses for turtle!
 Kisses for mommy!
 Waiting in the car line.


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