Nikolai's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Wow, nearly 6 years has gone by since my little man entered the world and now he's entering kindergarten!
(I took a lot of pictures, as usual, lol)
  He was so excited and ready to go to school!
We woke up at 6:30 a.m., just 30 minutes earlier than what he normally gets up. 
He put his own clothes on and then joined the rest of the family for breakfast.
 Nikolai and Victoria ate pancakes while me and Logan had biscuits and fruit.
  I was surprised at how fluently our morning went. 
There was no rushing or unhappy people.
It was also Logan's first day of school too so after breakfast and kisses he was off to his first class.
 I took Nikolai to school and walked him to class, with his hand perfectly inside mine.
 Me and Logan debated on county schools and city schools, which would be better academically, socially, emotionally and have better extra-curricular activities.
Which school would be better for college preparedness and offer a wide range of options for his future? 
We chose Fort Payne City Schools.
 So far we are not disappointed by our decision, we're actually quite happy. 
His school is on top of their game and is proving to be better than the school systems I grew up in, which is a relief! With private schools and homeschooling not an option for us we are very happy with this public school system.
We put his lunch box in his cubby, talked for a minute, and then we said our good-byes and hugged and kissed each other. I walked out of his classroom and he was already busy, ready to start his day. I didn't cry because he was so happy and excited. He was ready to go and that made it easy on me.
All day I wondered what he was doing and was hoping he was having a great time. 
Victoria stated a few times that she missed Nikolai, which broke my heart a little. 
She's always had her big brother to play with. 
Me and Logan have been spending individual time with her though. 
When we picked Nikolai up she was happy and they played together without fighting at all. 
They usually ask to watch cartoons, but neither of them did until bed time because they were so busy playing with each other.
I used printable's from Thirty Handmade Days to make Nikolai a school "scrapbook" binder.
I love her printable pages!
 All of his work that gets sent home will be inside along with the "all about me" page.
 Before school started Nikolai told me he wanted to take his lunch to school. I was so excited!
I found this great lunch organizer made by Nuk.
I like that I can write him notes or put pictures in it just for him.
He asked for a Tuna sandwich and juice, and I added peaches, cheeze its, a stick of cheese, and some cookies!
 When we got home we ate dinner together before Logan had to go into work.
With Logan working 2nd shift, that means I have to clean the house, do the laundry, bathe and dress the kids, play games, read books, and tuck my babies into bed by myself. 
It keeps me super busy, but I love it!
Nikolai said he had a great day and had a lot of fun!
And that made me happy!
He has a chart so we can see how his behavior is each day.
 I love that his teacher did special pages for the first day.
And I love his water color page!

Today is his 3rd day of school and so far everything is going great.
I'm so happy we get to eat together for at least two meals, and we have time to play and enjoy each other. So far I love our new routine and I'm so excited about all the new things my son will be learning!
He is such an inquisitive kid and always asking questions.
I know between school and two involved supportive parents that our son is going to learn a lot this year!


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