Mother of Girls.

I never pictured myself as a mother of girls. I am such a tomboy. Well, I used to, ya see, I've turned into a big sissy. Somewhere in between being pregnant 3 times and having 3 children, I've turned into a wuss. I used to wrestle with my husband and put up a playful fight. Now if he pokes me I say ow! I can't stand the heat outside, and if I get too hot I pass out. I didn't use to bother me to sit out in the dirt and play with Nikolai, and although Victoria likes dirt too, I've lost my passion to sit and play in it. I don't like being dirty and I've lost my passion for sitting outside for extended periods of time. I can't stand the heat, sweating, or the bugs. I've lost my tom-boyishness. I used to be tough and I used to enjoy talking with the men in our family. Now I want to be inside and talking to the women, sometimes. I think this may have something to do with having girls. I blame them for turning me into a sissy. Spend your time with Sissy's and you turn into one! Not saying I dislike it, but it has been a big change in my personality in the last couple years.

I enjoy being a mom to girls, even with the drama, and whining, and the "have to have it my way attitudes." I know we have a fun road ahead of us when they turn into hormonal teenagers. Oh boy, can't wait to see Logan then lol. I look forward to shopping trips, going out to eat, and just hanging out with my daughters. I look forward to being their friend when they come to me for advice when they are older. I look forward to always being there for them. Hopefully they will never get too distant from me and will always know I'm there.
Her "wolf" hair clips as she calls them
Eating strawberries
Cooking us some supper!
Eating! lol
Gosh, I can't wait to see these 2 sisters as they grow closer in the next few years!


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