Lovin' My Babies!

With school starting soon, we probably won't be making to many more trips to the lake. This weekend was most likely our last, but I wish it wasn't. We love going to the lake as a family. We can relax, fish, swim, or go on boat rides. It's like a mini-vacation. We didn't get to take a family vacation this year because of finances so this was the closest thing to it. But hey, as long as your together and happy that's all that matters!
 We got out of the boat close to where Little River runs into Weiss Lake
I thought we were just taking a quick ride and I wan't prepared.
 The kids didn't have bathing suits on...
But who cares?! Look at that face!
And this one!
And that one!
Yeah the baby was naked and the other two were in their undies.
Yeah there's probably all sorts of nastiness in that water,
But we are living and being a little spontaneous, and we are happy.
You only live once ya know!
Getting her out of her car seat, she's sleeping so good...
Waking up
Alexandria taking a nap in my lap while I study study study.
She hates her car seat, absolutely hates it.
I have to sit in the back and try to make her happy.
If not, she cries and screams bloody murder and she does not fall asleep.
Love that she has to be near me when she sleeps with at least one hand on me.
 Discovered this weekend that she absolutely loves french fries. I'm a horrible mom, I know!
 She got another tooth on bottom last week. That makes two!
 She likes to bite my nipple when shes done eating. It hurts badly, and I jerk every time.
 She is getting way more vocal. She has a shrill scream that hurts my ears.
 I loved watching Victoria chase the dog, I swear you've never seen a kid so happy.
 My dad came over last week to visit and gave the kids this wire spool out of the back of his truck and they love it. They sit on it, use it as a table, roll it; it's funny how the most random things can be great toys.
 Little Miss Alexandria is a super crawler now.
 She goes wherever she wants and puts everything into her mouth. Yeah she found some play-dough on the floor that I missed...Good thing it's non-toxic.
 She still follows me every where though.
 Nikolai is into this stage where he does not want to wear shirts...
 Some of Victoria's most common faces.
 Gosh I love my baby.
 And this big girl.
And this shirtless boy.


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