Fall is Coming!!

I can feel it, fall is coming. The weather has been feeling slightly lighter with gentle breezes. I love the wind and the sound of leaves rustling. I've been trying to get the kids outside more so that they are outdoor lovers like me. We have been enjoying walks down our drive way to check the mail. Along the way we explore.
 (He saw a wasp)
 (What they collected, sticks and leaves)

Victoria is a collector. She loves to pick up rocks, leaves, flowers, weeds, you name it, she collects it. I decided to encourage this and gave her a bowl to collect her leaves in. Each one she picks up she says to herself, "this is beautiful." And it is. She usually then says "Look Mom!, it's so pretty!" The colors of dying leaves, and my three year old notices the beauty in nature.

Nikolai joins in on collecting too, but he knows not to pick too many so that he won't have a hard time carrying them all. He likes sticks. They are swords, guns, missiles, a cane, a telescope, a rope, you name it, he's probably pretended to have it with a stick. I love his wild personality!

Alexandria feels so small to me, compared to how quickly her brother and sister grew. I don't mind though, she may be my last baby and I'm trying to soak in the babyness as much as I can. A part of me wants her to stay a baby. Baby's love unconditionally. They are simple, there's a only a handful of things they need and want and it's so easy to take care of a baby compared to older kids. Baby's are soft, cuddly, curious, funny, and sweet. I enjoy babies and I will be sad when this stage passes, but for now I'm loving it.

I'm absolutely loving the slow turn in weather. Fall makes me feel more alive and energetic. And I just love fall decor. I spotted some cute owl salt and pepper shakers today, and just had to have them. And I bought our first bag of candy pumpkins! Yum Yum.


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