Cloth Diapering With the Minimum

With my first child, (I was only 17) cloth diapering sounded disgusting. Who wants to clean poopy diapers?? Besides, the only cloth diapers I ever saw at the stores were the old style white ones that needed safety pins. No thank you!!
With my second child, I still opted for disposable diapers. After she turned two I had a couple friends getting into cloth diapers. I was still against them. Then I saw that cloth diapers had been seriously upgraded! and they were actually really cute. I bought one, yes one, cloth diaper from Alva Baby diapers. She absolutely hated it. She wore it a couple times and then started refusing to wear it. She would pull it off as soon as I put it on her. So I gave up on it.

With my third child, I figured that I would give cloth diapering an actual chance. I had the one I bought before and I bought two more. For the first two months I used the disposable diapers I got from the baby shower and used the cloth diapers every other day or so. Little babies pee a lot so that meant lots of diaper changes. I eventually bought two more. And then even more recently I bought 4 more. So I have a grand total of 9 cloth diapers, 8 are AlvaBaby and one of them is a  SunBaby. (Just a side note, I think the quality of the Sunbaby diaper is much better.) All my diapers are "one size" pocket diapers.  I wash the cloth diapers once a day and that is enough to last my daughter all day and throughout the night. Occasionally I do use a disposable diapers if I get lazy with laundry, she has the runs, or I'm just lazy in the middle of the night.

(All 9 of our diapers. I just love the prints and colors!)

Having just 5 cloth diapers cut our monthly diaper cost in half. We used to spend $40.00 a month. Now, with 9 diapers, we could realistically get by without buying any disposable diapers at all. But we still buy a $5.00 trial size bag of diapers just for my laziness purposes. The past couple of weeks, our daughter has been taking medicine for ear infection and with her teeth coming in, she has had some diarrhea so we bought an additional $10.00 bag so I didn't have to clean so many poopy diapers. Still though, $15.00 a month is cheaper than $40.00. The overall money we have spent on cloth diapers is $55.00!

I am convinced that I could easily get by with 8 diapers a day, with washing them each at least one time a day. I don't want anyone to think that they need to spend an outlandish amount of money or order a a huge amount of diapers just to cloth diaper their baby. If you do your laundry regularly you don't need many to get by!


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