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Our First Aid Bag

I must face the fact that I've inherited my dad's doomsday mentality. I'm always imagining the worst possible catastrophes and ways I can be prepared. I have a million ideas. I think my mindset has begun to wear off on my husband who decided to  make us a first aid/lost in the woods preparedness bag. We are still adding to it. When we get our house I plan to stock up on water, certain foods, and bigger items that could help us in many doomsday situations. We hope to take wilderness survival classes one day, along with getting our CPR certification renewed. My husband has learned to hunt, clean, and cook deer, but he would like to broaden his skills to smaller game.We also plan to stock up on ammo for our guns. The first aid bag is just the first step in our preparedness goal!
We actually bought two of these and left one at the lake. We also have matches, but matches can get wet! I hope we don't ever have to use this, but we'll be glad we have it if we ever need i…

Nokia Lumia

For the past 4 years I have enjoyed my LG EnV 3. It was a durable phone, it survived way too many falls, a lot of slobbers, and a couple throws. I have missed out on the fad of smart phones and apps. I've watched Logan check our bank account and use Google while we were away from home and thought that would be nice. I've seen people use coupons off their phone and thought of how much I could save if I had one. But really, I loved my LG, and I didn't really want a touch screen phone. I liked the luxury of having buttons to push. I could text without looking and it met all my cell phone needs. But, Alexandria had been extra rough on my phone lately and it was malfunctioning big time. With receiving calls about interviews, I needed my phone to stay on and it couldn't, poor thing. I kept seeing the commercial for the Nokia Lumia. It caught my attention because of the powerful camera it had. I am always taking pictures of my kids and I love sending pictures of them to fami…

Mother of Girls.

I never pictured myself as a mother of girls. I am such a tomboy. Well, I used to, ya see, I've turned into a big sissy. Somewhere in between being pregnant 3 times and having 3 children, I've turned into a wuss. I used to wrestle with my husband and put up a playful fight. Now if he pokes me I say ow! I can't stand the heat outside, and if I get too hot I pass out. I didn't use to bother me to sit out in the dirt and play with Nikolai, and although Victoria likes dirt too, I've lost my passion to sit and play in it. I don't like being dirty and I've lost my passion for sitting outside for extended periods of time. I can't stand the heat, sweating, or the bugs. I've lost my tom-boyishness. I used to be tough and I used to enjoy talking with the men in our family. Now I want to be inside and talking to the women, sometimes. I think this may have something to do with having girls. I blame them for turning me into a sissy. Spend your time with Sissy…