Time to Get Organized!

July is almost over. Hello August! 
This week we are working on getting back to our regular work/school schedules. Waking up early, eating at certain times, and bed time routines. We mostly abandoned our routines this summer so we could take a break from it all and just enjoy. I am so excited to start back on our normal routines though. I love when everything is organized and together.

One of my goals for this week is to create a space for Nikolai to do his homework each night. I can't wait to get it done for him. I've seen a lot of great homework station ideas on Pinterest, like these:
 DIY Kids Art and Homework Station Basket on the wall...hanger for artNice homeschool arrangement
For the past month I've been going through clothes and toys to sell and donate. Another goal of mine is to get all the clothes and toys out of our way and taken to the places they need to go. I can't believe Nikolai has outgrown all but two pairs of his pants that we bought just last fall! Most of his pants are still in great condition and I hope I get them to the consignment store this week. This past weekend we went clothes shopping for the kids at the Children's Place, Belk, and Sears. I love getting new clothes for them. I think I get more excited buying them clothes than I do for myself. I can't wait until I can buy some fall clothes for the girls though, I love boots and my girls must have some!

I just received three more cloth diapers in the mail this week and Logan told me I could order a few more. So another goal is to order some really cute diapers!

My baby girl starts back to Early Head Start in September so I'm getting ahead on pumping up some milk for her. My goal is 4oz a day. Doesn't sound like much, but it is for a busy mom of 3!

Me and the kids went to "The Spot" in Fort Payne today. The kids had some yummy ice cream and I had a caramel cappuccino freeze that was delicious! I love trying new things and hope we can do some more new things soon.

My birthday was last week. 23 already. I got a yummy red velvet cake, money, and Logan is paying to get my nails and hair done next week. Can't wait, just hope I can find a babysitter!

And I just have to show off our new rug. I love it! It's actually the first greeting rug we've ever bought.

Time for me to get busy busy busy!


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