Mesothelioma Awareness

A couple of weeks ago a woman named Heather asked me to share her story. It's the first time I've been asked to share something like this and was happy to do so. A few months ago, my children's great grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. No one in my family had ever battled cancer before. It got me thinking that the various forms of cancer can appear in anyone at any time. In learning that a family member has cancer, it got me thinking that my children are now at an increased risk for breast cancer. I can't imagine myself or my children getting cancer and having to deal with the emotional, spiritual, and physical stress that comes along with it. I can't imagine my life without my kids nor can I imagine my life ending before I have the chance to see my children grow up.

Heather Von St. James experienced and survived mesothelioma and she wants others to be aware of this cancer. All I have to say is that Heather is truly a strong woman to go through what she had to. You can find more of her story at:


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