June 2013: Silliness and Growing Up

Our June has been filled with lots of time outside and lots of time being...
 silly with family
(Hello Kitty Band-aids for my clumsy girl)
 time pretending to be dinosaurs
and loving our siblings
and time relaxing at the lake
and losing teeth
time for snacks at the park
and playing games with cousins
(man they are growing)
time for cuddles
and pictures
Being the best flower girl ever!
and a maid of honor
Time blowing bubbles
and sitting in Momo's lap
and more being silly.
Time to play in the pool.
Time for messy blue cupcakes
and pouring water on Nikolai's head.
 Time for my baby to turn 7 months old.  :(    :,(
 She is growing so fast and time is flying by


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