July Week 3

This week went by way too fast. I can't believe we're half way through July!

Sunday: Alexandria turned 8 months old!!! Alexandria is so attached to me and not used to staying with anyone, I've tried leaving her twice since May and she screams until I come and get her. Guess that's what happens when we go a long time without needing a babysitter. Alexandria is also crawling so well and pulling up several times a day. It's like she turned 8 months and boom! Crawling, standing, almost talking, and getting teeth! Me Logan and Nikolai played the card game Old Maid while the girls napped and we saw a beautiful double rainbow too.

 My bright eyed child

Monday: Me and Logan joined Team National. I'm still skeptical, but the potential savings on furniture is looking good! Already found a California king size bed and bedroom suite that we want, now if only we can find a place to put it.

Tuesday: We went to speech therapy and to the library. I had a bad (emotional) day... having bad feelings thinking about going to work and leaving my babies. I really really really really want to stay home with my kids. But, houses and bills don't pay for themselves. I'm now the one with the more profitable income so I have to work to get us ahead. Logan is about to stay home, go to school, and take care of the kids. He is planning on getting a four year degree that he's going to try to get in two years by working extra hard so he can get a good job so I can stay home. But, I know by the time he gets his degree and gets a good job and we are stable enough for me to stay home all my babies will be in school and that kind of defeats the purpose. But....discussion of possibly another baby when I get to stay home makes me happy. It sucks that I have to sacrifice what I truly want for my family. I want to be with my kids, raising, teaching, and loving them everyday. But I know that me and Logan are teaching them the value of hard work. Nothing comes easy and you have to work hard to earn the things you need and want in life. I really want a nice home to raise my kids in and we plan to work really hard to make that happen for them. I hope that one day they will see we did everything we could to make their lives good and enjoyable and I hope that they see how much we truly love them.

Wednesday: My cleaning day! While I was washing dishes Nikolai picked up Alexandria and put her on the couch and walked off. Alexandria fell off of the couch onto her head and has a bruise. Nikolai is not allowed to pick her up anymore. Then later on that day, Alexandria was napping, and when she woke up she crawled off the bed. Another bruise. I swear people are going to think I abuse my children by the number of bruises and scratches they always have.

Thursday: We went to speech and then came home and played dress up what seemed like all day.
Nikolai is so excited for school and talks about it all the time. He is so fascinated with crickets and frogs and is always building things with Lego's for me and Logan. His favorite snack is peaches and milk. His favorite thing to do is talk, especially to his Daddy. This month he has successfully learned how to make his own pancakes, ya know, the microwaveable kind lol. He is so proud of himself when he does this. I've slowly been letting him do more in the kitchen. He has also been helping me with doing the laundry. I gave the kids their own laundry basket and when it gets full they bring it to the washer and load it then I add soap and they like to hit the start button. I'm determined that my kids will know how to take care of themselves should anything ever happen to me or for the future when they move out. They will know how to hunt, clean and cook their own meat, they will know how to clean their messes and do their laundry. I also want to teach them to sew so they can mend their own clothes.
Victoria is turning into such a girly girl. She has been so sweet lately. She likes for me to read to her and then she reads it back to me. Her favorite snack is orange juice and peaches. Her favorite thing to do is make castles out of her blankets and pillows.
Alexandria is growing too fast for my liking. She likes to be right next to me with at least one hand on me at all times. She will play by herself for a bit, but if I am out of her site she starts pitching a fit. When she gets bored of playing she crawls over and puts her hands on my leg so I will pick her up. She loves to cuddle at night and in the morning. Daddy puts her to sleep for naps but when it's bed time she has to have me. She is babbling often and loves to scream high pitched. She loves eating baby food meats and fruits, but she hates the vegetables. And she loves to jump!
(Finally got her to take another paci!)

Friday: Alexandria got her first tooth!! It's barely peeking through on the bottom. She is a little whiny and very very clingy.

Saturday: Went and visited family and fed the horses. Nikolai and Victoria loved feeding the horse grass out of their hands and Alexandria just stared and laughed at the horse. I've noticed that any kind of animal fascinates her and makes her happy.

Sunday:  Finally had our movie night. Logan working Saturdays is really messing up our movie night. We watched the classic Hercules! It's so fun to watch these Disney movies again when your older, they contain so many jokes that only adults understand.


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