July Week 2: Fireflys & Imagination

We slept in late this week, (8:00 a.m.). If I woke up earlier than that I just laid there and waited on Nikolai and Victoria to come get in the bed with me and Alexandria and just cuddle or play. I'd just lay there and enjoy them. Then we'd get up and eat breakfast and get dressed. The kids would play on ABCmouse.com. They are in love with that website and it is educational so I don't feel guilty for it. The kids pretended a lot this week. They were doctors, security cards, cats, dogs, other various animals, cowgirls and cowboys, customers in my store, pirates, soldiers, princesses, some sort of underwater pipe fixer and more I'm sure. I introduced a new rule and I love it! At supper time I love for us to sit together, it's one of our special family times. But, the kids have a little table in the living room that they love to sit at all the time. The play at it and also eat at it. It was always covered in food and they were always spilling stuff on it. They enjoy watching t.v. while they eat but they get distracted and often would not finish their food. So, my new rule is that they cannot have food anywhere in the house except the kitchen table. They have not spilled anything, they have eaten better, they are watching less t.v., and I enjoy their company and conversation. What messes they make are confined to the kitchen so I am cleaning less so that means more quality time! Another thing I enjoyed this week is that Nikolai caught bugs every night this week. Firefly's (I call them Lightening Bugs), grasshoppers, other bugs, and frogs. His obsession with the creepy crawly things has came out of no where, but it reminds me of my childhood. I remember bringing frogs into the kitchen and my mom screaming, telling me it was a nice frog and then and telling me to get it out of the house. Nikolai brought one into the house and I sounded just like my mom. I can also remember spending hours on summer nights catching lightening bugs. Me and my cousins would catch them and fill Mason Jars full and have jars of green glowing light. There doesn't seem to be as many lightening bugs as there used to be but I love watching Nikolai and Logan catching them together and putting them in the Mason Jar. If Nikolai leaves his jars on the porch, Victoria will sneak out and let them go. Nikolai gets mad but I remind them that they will die if they stay in the jar too long and he can always catch them again tomorrow.We had a pretty laid back week this week. I'm trying hard not to micromanage my children and schedule every moment of their day. I'm trying to relax before I go to work and the kids go to school.

Sunday: We went grocery shopping. Then we spent time with my mom, the kids love being around her. We also went to some friends house and ate steak, ribs, and hotdogs and then shot fireworks and played with sparklers.
Monday: I cooked dinner and baked a cake for my moms 60th 20th birthday. Happy Birthday mom! Mom, Nikolai, and Logan shot guns while I got everything ready. After I took my mom home, we had friends stop by and eat some leftover cake. Nikolai thought it was funny to trick them onto the porch and attack them with Snap-Pops.
Tuesday: We took Logan lunch and went to speech therapy. We picked blackberries in our yard and then spent the rest of the day inside playing and relaxing.
Wednesday: I woke up to the kids pretending to be a security guard and a security dog that were protecting the baby from falling off the bed. I spend a lot of time cleaning on Wednesday so the kids played with each other.
Thursday: We went to speech therapy and then came home. The kids played doctor with their lego tools they made and gave me and Logan checkups. We took a hike through the woods to go see MawMaw who is recovering from a double mastectomy.
Friday: The kids couldn't wait to get started on Friday night movie night. At ten in the morning they put in a movie, got their blankets and pillows out, and asked for popcorn. Then they asked to go to the park so we went to a couple.
Pulling up like a pro!
 Wild strawberry?
Later that evening, we were getting ready to go to Wal-Mart and we experienced a scary situation. Nikolai was outside and he was joking that he was going to walk to Wal-Mart, I was like yeah okay, he told me bye and took a few steps, I told him bye and he took a few more steps and he said bye again, I told him bye as I walked into the house and grabbed a diaper and told Logan that Nikolai was walking to Wal-Mart and walked back outside. I walked outside to see no Nikolai in sight. Okay, I thought, he has started walking down the drive way so I started walking with the baby on my hip, ready to politely get onto him for walking off. There is no way he got very far at all, I was only in the house for a minute, if that. I walked half-way down the driveway and did not see him. I hollered for him but he did not respond. I thought maybe he was hiding from me back at the house so I turned around to go back and as I did, I heard him scream and start crying. My heart dropped as I panicked. It sounded like he was at the bottom of the hill. I heard a truck go by. My mind instantly goes to the thought of him getting hit by a truck, but logic tells me he has not had enough time to make it to the road. I start running down the hill, still with baby in tow. I get to the bottom and I don't hear him anymore, he still does not respond to my call. I wonder if maybe he was at the house and I just thought he was at the bottom of the hill. But, I just have to be sure so I walk to Aunt Mari's house and could hear Nikolai crying inside. He had fallen down the hill. He did not take a trail he just went through the woods He scrapped up his hands and legs.Ohhh I was sooo mad and scared at the same time. By that time Logan had driven the car down to Mari's house and picked us up. Logan had a firm talking to Nikolai and he got his first whipping with a belt. The worst part was that his cuts got cleaned with alcohol and Logan did not baby him one bit like usual. I am so proud that Logan handled the situation well and that Nikolai was okay. After that big ordeal we went on to the store and bought school supplies. By then it was too late for movie night so we got McDonalds and headed home.

Saturday: Since we missed our Friday Night Movie Night we decided at the last minute to go to the Drive-In for Movie Night. Monster's University and Lone Ranger were the movies we saw. Victoria fell asleep before we got there so she missed it. Nikolai loved Monster's University, but fell asleep shortly after Lone Ranger started. Alexandria was a little monkey for most of the first movie. She wanted to stand up, jump, and climb. She does not like it when it is too dark so she eventually gave up and went to sleep for the rest of the night. Overall, our trip to the Drive-Inn was nice and it was also the first time all five of us had been to the Drive-In together.


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