1st Week of July: Fireworks and Rain

Sunday: We spent the day at Weiss Lake relaxing, fishing, and enjoying boat rides. We watched fireworks from the boat over the Lake.
 (Starting to crawl)
 (Nikolai caught a pregnant fish)
(Nikolai begged me to take a picture of this duck)
 (Trying to take firework pictures+holding baby+being on a boat =FAIL!)

Monday: Logan gave me money to take the kids for surprise milk shakes. They played at McDonalds and enjoyed their milkshakes.

Tuesday: We went to speech therapy, then to the library, got 7 books and 1 educational DVD. We made a tent with the kitchen table, made shadow puppets, ate marshmallows, and pretended we were camping. Later that night we went to Fort Payne High School and listened to a great band and then watched fireworks.

Wednesday: We went to speech therapy, took Logan his lunch. We spent the day being lazy and then later that night we shot fireworks at our house.
Victoria acting like mommy while eating her lunch. 

Thursday: Went to the 4th of July Parade at Henagar, then grocery shopping, and then to a family cook-out at Sylvania Lake.

Friday: Let me just say Friday Night Movie Night! We ate supper and then made a pillow pallet in the floor and watched Puss in Boots. Then we shot more fireworks in the backyard.
(We act really silly as a family at dinner)

Saturday: We were lazy. Then we went to a cookout. We came home and were lazy some more. Then we got milk shakes! Then we were lazy again and fell asleep. I didn't take any pictures this day!


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