Nikolai Blaine & Victoria Ashlynn in 2013!

 Alexandria's First!
 Sante Fe!
 Victoria pretending to be a witch
 Spongebob in a bubble
 Like Father Like Son
 Playing ball with daddy at the park
 My handsome son
 Nikolai and Spongebob (aka Daddy)
 Nikolai thought it was so awesome his daddy was Spongebob
 Victoria was scared of Spongebob lol
 Victoria in a bubble
 Nikolai relaxing in the bubble
Nikolai at the Tennessee Aquarium
 Exploring Henagar Park
 Blue Jean Hippies
Pet Alligator
 Wearing daddy's shoes
Nikolai and Victoria have always loved wearing daddy's boots
 Love this one!
Love Victoria's face lol
 Miss Sassy Pants!
 E.R. Visit, fever that wouldn't go away :(
 Watching Nikolai's T-Ball game
 Eating Popcorn
 Watching the game in the rain
 Victoria fell off the escalator at the Tennessee Aquarium and hurt her foot
 Couldn't walk for 3 days
 Limped for a month
 We got bored waiting on the doctor to read us the x-rays
 So we took a lot of pictures!
 We had fun
She had a tiny fracture 
She eventually quit limping
Gotta have those shades
 Hello Kitty Band-Aids
 Logan surprised us with tickets to Monster Jam
 Left the baby with MawMaw
 Nikolai threw up all over a bunch of people. I got a speeding ticket trying to get home too fast.
We love Monster Donuts but this was a horrible night for us!
 A snoozin kind of day
Victoria drew a picture :)


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