Christmas Time

Alexandria's First Christmas
Logan shot his first deer on Christmas Eve!
He was so ecstatic 
He even cooked us some deer meat for the first time
Alexandria relaxing at Christmas Dinner with the family
Playing with my camera

 Having a real tree is part of our family tradition
 Decorating together is another part of our tradition
 We all work together to achieve the perfect Christmas tree
 Victoria and Lucas at Christmas Dinner
 Victoria on Christmas morning
 My awesome Nikolai and beautiful Victoria
 There is always a picture that looks like Nikolai is choking his sister.
 Decorating cookies
 Victoria did an excellent job on sprinkles. Hope you like a little cookie with your sprinkles.
 They enjoy making a mess
 I love eating the cookies
 Nikolai loves creating new and different designs
 He is very artistic
 Presents under the tree
 The stocking are hung
 Legos!! My feet are so happy...not.


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