Cardinal's 2013 T-Ball Season!

 Nikolai was ready to play some t-ball this year so we signed him up and bought him some gear. Most of the practices were rained out but we practiced as a family when it was pretty out. Nikolai did great, he had trouble with batting at the beginning of the season, but by the end, he was a pro! He did pretty well with pitching. Although there wasn't many practices, we were impressed with how much he improved in such a short time. What I enjoyed the most was watching my son enjoy himself. Playing ball made him feel good about himself and that made me happy. It was so awesome to watch my son become an independent ball player, yet part of a functioning team of 5, 6, and 7 year old's. T-ball was definitely way more exciting and entertaining than I expected. There were so many funny moments as kids tried to figure out the game. It was funny watching kids, including my own, dance, pick flowers, and pick their underwear out of their butts. Nikolai was normally right on top of the game. He stood in a "ready to go" stance, always ready to grab the ball, always ready to knock it out of the field! There were lots of times where the ball did not go towards him and he would run around in a big circle and scream like a wild banshee, but he was having fun! It was also entertaining to watch all the kids run towards the ball at one time, ending in a big dog pile. The last game of the season it was raining, but they played a full game out in it and the kids absolutely loved it.
What a memorable way to end the season! The coaches threw the team a pizza party at Hawkins Spring Park and then awarded them trophies. Nikolai is already asking to play again, and now Victoria is ready to play some Wee-Ball. Can't wait until next year!!!
Ready to Play!
(he likes to pose)
Feeling like an awesome ball player!
My #6!
 Shaking the other team's hand! Love the sportsmanship!
Victoria loved watching the game and eating popcorn!
The coaches were so patient and awesome!
Nikolai loved getting a free drink after the game.
Because all he needed was some caffeine to go with his hyper personality!! 
 They received bobble head baseball player trophies with their names engraved on them.
Great job Cardinals!! and thank you for the sponsorship DeKalb Wholesale Tires!


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