Why Must Children Grow Up?

I constantly ask myself, why can't my kids just stay little forever. I enjoy them so much and the thought of them growing old and moving off scares me. I want to hang onto them forever, and have them want to hang onto me. But, a part of being a parent is teaching children independence so they can survive in their world one day when Momma is no longer around. One of the biggest signs of a child growing up is the loss of their first tooth. I was thinking age 7 or 8 the typical age to lose a tooth. Nope, not my son. Age 4 (soon to be 5). I was brushing his teeth and all of a sudden his tooth looked very crooked. I know his teeth, as I brush them often, this was not normal. It confused me greatly for a few minutes as I poked it with the tooth brush. What is that?.... Oh my goodness.....No way. I put the tooth brush down, walked out of the bathroom, and nearly cried. Nikolai kept saying "what momma? what is it?." I explained to him that his tooth was loose and that it would soon fall out. This horrified him. But then I told him about the magic of the tooth fairy, he got a little excited. I went through the rest of the day in an overwhelmed state, thinking about my son growing up. 
First loose tooth.
 It's the same tooth that came in first when he was a baby.
 It seemed pretty loose so Daddy talked him into pulling it.
 He immediately changed his mind. He cried.
Daddy tried again with no success. We decided to wait a couple of day in which we tried again, with no success.
 It gave me a couple of days to throw together a tooth pillow, to put his tooth in.
 One 97 cent piece of fabric and three 50 cent letters.
 There it is, his first tooth. *sniffle*
I was at graduate school when Logan sent me a picture.
I missed him loosing his first tooth. 
Logan said he pulled on it and Nikolai started crying for him not to pull it out because it was going to hurt and because it was bleeding. Logan asked him if he was sure, Nikolai said yes, stop. Logan said he opened his hand and said look Nikolai. Nikolai asked what it was. Logan told him it was his tooth. Nikolai immediately stopped crying and started laughing. I wish I could have been there, but it's a memory Logan will get to cherish forever, because it was him and his son experiencing the loss of the first tooth. I took pictures when I got home.
 Nikolai placed his tooth in his little tooth pillow and placed it underneath his pillow when he went to sleep.

 He woke up to this. His tooth pillow filled with a special one dollar bill, four golden dollars, a new Transformers tooth brush, tooth paste, and a tooth receipt. He was so excited and happy. Then later that day he found fairy dust on his window seal and his bed, which he thought was awesome. Shortly after losing his first tooth, the tooth right next to it became loose and came out much quicker than the first one. I'm awaiting a top tooth to become loose soon, but I'm definitely not rushing it.


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