Nikolai indulged in some of my pregnancy craving food. Trail mix, whip cream, and peanut butter.
Victoria indulged in this craving food. Donuts, strawberries and fruit dip.
Daddy and Nikolai went to the drag strip (where they raced our Trailblazer, he lost of course).
So me and Victoria had a girls night in. Bath, facials, movie, virgin Pina Colodas and pregnancy food :)
Future gamer. Enough said.
Sadly, another future gamer.
Ponytail Love.
My nephews first birthday without his mom. He is growing up.

Waking Daddy up on fathers day to bring him breakfast in bed. He was a little confused.
Shooting fireworks a little early.
It scared Victoria to death. She went inside and watched from the window.
 Our dog ran off and didn't come back for 3 days.
At least Daddy and Nikolai had fun.
Dressing up. Momma's high heels and her bracelets and her crazy smile.
She likes to close her eyes when she smiles for pictures, crazy girl.


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