Fourth of July Traditions

 Strawberry idea that I got off of Pinterest. Everyone loved them!
 We went to the Fort Payne Fireworks for the first time instead of the Henagar Fireworks.
 They gave away free hot dogs, drinks, and American flags.
 Which became dangerous weapons in the hands of a certain little girl!
 She waved so enthusiastically that she unintentionally hit us all!
 We went to the Henagar parade as usual.
 It's a tradition we've never missed.
 Nikolai loves the old cars.
 And the candy.
 We came back later to go to the Potato Festival.
 Nikolai wanted to ride the bull!
 He did so awesome!
 He lasted 8 seconds or more.
 Then he did a flip off, which he though was fun.
 He bought himself a turtle with money he earned.
He went through several names. He seemed okay with "Duck" but an hour later changed it to "Turtle"
 My babies <3
 We bought sparklers
 Which Victoria would not go near.
 We bought fireworks, lots of them.
 Daddy spent over a $100, perhaps even $200. I lost count...
 I thought spending that much was ridiculous.
 But he pointed out that the kids (just Nikolai and himself) loved the fireworks.
 He said it was for the memories.
 At least I have a husband that doesn't care about money (not sure that's a great thing).
He cares about enjoying the moment.
I'm so frugal, I stress about the money spent, but he was right, the fireworks were a lot of fun.
 I will never forget Victoria watching from underneath my chair
 We went to family cookouts, where we sang, danced, ate and drank, laughed, played and enjoyed each other.
 I love our traditions of Fourth of July, but even more, I love our family.


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