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Why Must Children Grow Up?

I constantly ask myself, why can't my kids just stay little forever. I enjoy them so much and the thought of them growing old and moving off scares me. I want to hang onto them forever, and have them want to hang onto me. But, a part of being a parent is teaching children independence so they can survive in their world one day when Momma is no longer around. One of the biggest signs of a child growing up is the loss of their first tooth. I was thinking age 7 or 8 the typical age to lose a tooth. Nope, not my son. Age 4 (soon to be 5). I was brushing his teeth and all of a sudden his tooth looked very crooked. I know his teeth, as I brush them often, this was not normal. It confused me greatly for a few minutes as I poked it with the tooth brush. What is that?.... Oh my goodness.....No way. I put the tooth brush down, walked out of the bathroom, and nearly cried. Nikolai kept saying "what momma? what is it?." I explained to him that his tooth was loose and that it would …

Fourth of July Traditions

Strawberry idea that I got off of Pinterest. Everyone loved them!  We went to the Fort Payne Fireworks for the first time instead of the Henagar Fireworks.  They gave away free hot dogs, drinks, and American flags.  Which became dangerous weapons in the hands of a certain little girl!  She waved so enthusiastically that she unintentionally hit us all!  We went to the Henagar parade as usual.  It's a tradition we've never missed.  Nikolai loves the old cars.  And the candy.  We came back later to go to the Potato Festival.  Nikolai wanted to ride the bull!  He did so awesome!  He lasted 8 seconds or more.  Then he did a flip off, which he though was fun.  He bought himself a turtle with money he earned. He went through several names. He seemed okay with "Duck" but an hour later changed it to "Turtle"  My babies <3  We bought sparklers  Which Victoria would not go near.  We bought fireworks, lots of them.  Daddy spent over a $100, perhaps even $200. I lo…


Nikolai indulged in some of my pregnancy craving food. Trail mix, whip cream, and peanut butter. Victoria indulged in this craving food. Donuts, strawberries and fruit dip. Daddy and Nikolai went to the drag strip (where they raced our Trailblazer, he lost of course). So me and Victoria had a girls night in. Bath, facials, movie, virgin Pina Colodas and pregnancy food :) Future gamer. Enough said. Sadly, another future gamer.