Pictures from May

Daddy made flags for the kids sand castles.Duck tape + toothpick= flag
Homemade deep fried Oreo's with whip cream and chocolate!
Wedding present that I love so much!
Victoria's favorite. A hoodie with anything, even bathing suits!
My graduation/birthday/mother's day/Christmas present from Logan <3
She always has to show her tom-boy side and her girly side!
For all his imaginary boo-boos. Wasted a box of band-aids, but hey who cares, he needed them! lol
Early Father's day/birthday present.
First hot dogs and hamburgers to come off the grill. They are picture perfect and they were so yummy!
Play date with Alyssa, Landon, Alton, and Abby.
Waiting on Daddy
Lookin' serious
and cute
Taking a ride
With shotgun and sissy in tow
Our dog
Fed up and ready to shoot
Daddy working on speakers
Sissy driving=Dangerous
She backed into the trees.
Grouchy all the time.
Nap time
Marker on her legs, of course
Helping daddy add new seats to the mustang.
Blackberries about to be in season!
What happens when your kid gets too upset during a procedure at the dentist office.
Blood spots from his blood pressure getting to high and having to be restrained.
One unhappy mommy.
One unhappy daddy.
One very unhappy kid.
And because he was so upset, he didn't get to keep the prize that they let him pick out...
Acting like a T-Rex
Pretty bird in the front yard
Nap time, dirty face, two different shoes.
Love my new camera and my wedding rings.


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