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Our Gender Reveal Cookout

With all the new ideas for gender revealing parties, I took one idea and made it my own. I went to the dollar tree and asked for a box. I took it home and spray painted it with chalkboard paint. I then did my best at decorating it without using one color more than the other. Me and Logan got to find out two days before what our little baby was and we kept quiet. Our family really wanted to know what it was but we didn't tell. We decided to have a small family gender reveal cookout. We didn't have the money for a big party so we thought it'd be special to celebrate the gender of our third child with our close family members. We decorated with everything being pink and blue. Some family members asked if we were having twins, and having one of each. I just told them I didn't know to add to the excitement.  We decided to let Nikolai and Victoria be a part of opening it. They didn't know either, Nikolai would have told everyone because he's a loud mouth lol.  Nik…

Pictures from May

Daddy made flags for the kids sand castles.Duck tape + toothpick= flag Homemade deep fried Oreo's with whip cream and chocolate! Wedding present that I love so much! Victoria's favorite. A hoodie with anything, even bathing suits! My graduation/birthday/mother's day/Christmas present from Logan <3 She always has to show her tom-boy side and her girly side! For all his imaginary boo-boos. Wasted a box of band-aids, but hey who cares, he needed them! lol Early Father's day/birthday present. First hot dogs and hamburgers to come off the grill. They are picture perfect and they were so yummy! Play date with Alyssa, Landon, Alton, and Abby.