Trip To Tuscaloosa

 I recently had to attend graduate orientation in Tuscaloosa, AL. My hubby decided to go with me since an overnight stay was required. Two days without the kids sounded nice plus the hotel we reserved had wireless internet so he could play his Xbox undisturbed while I was at orientation. Little did he know, he forgot to pack his power cord. Not much Xbox playing for him.
My dad wanted us to take a gun for protection. He gave me my first real gun. May be little but it sure is loud. We never had to use it but we felt better having it with us. 
 I read the papers wrong and arrived late missing my favorite part, the food. But hey, they gave us a free huge tote bag with all sorts of goodies.
And mints that looked like some sort of drug...
Although I missed breakfast, they provided us with a fantastic lunch. Breaded chicken, salad, dressing, rolls, some sort of baked apple stuff and mm mm cheesecake!
The whole campus was gorgeous. I loved the fountain in between buildings.

 The whole campus was also covered with red and white flowers. It was a simple, but powerful touch of school spirit.

 There were so many beautiful old buildings.
Me and Logan decided to go to the Paul Bear Bryant Museum
 His grandmother would have loved it.
 There was memorabilia everywhere.
 I just had to take pictures of everything for her.
 This picture looks awesome when it is printed!
 This picture looks awesome printed as well. I loved this painting!!
 After going out to eat and shopping at the mall we had to stop at this little site.
We had to take pictures for Nikolai.
 This stuff was right up Nikolai and Logan's alley.
We actually felt really sad that Nikolai wasn't with us.
 Nikolai and Logan both loves rockets, tanks, planes, helicopters, and anything army related.
The trip was short but it was nice. I wish we could have gotten to do more. Hopefully next time we go it will be for our first ever Alabama game!


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