Mommy is a College Graduate!

 I finally did it! I got my Baccalaureate Degree! Four years of some very hard work and some stressful late nights. Four years of studying and trying to get by and trying to be the best partner and mother I can be. Four years of not devoting my entire time to my two wonderful children. I would have much rather spent the time at home with my kids, but I did this for my family. With a college education I can afford to give my children the life they deserve.
 My mother also graduated. I am so very proud of her. She got her Associate's Degree as a Medical Assistant. I know she worked hard to get there. I would not have been able to get my degree without my mom. She is my friend and she has been there to support me through everything.
  I am proud of myself as well. I graduated with honors (Magna Cum Laude) for having a 3.7 GPA and I was in the top 7% of my graduating class which consisted of hundreds and hundreds of students.
 I decided not to walk at my graduation because it was in Birmingham early in the morning and it was going to be very crowded. I didn't want my family and children to have to sit through a very long ceremony. Afterall, I got my degree and that's all that matters! But, because I decided not to walk, my mother decided not to walk either. I told her she should walk and I'd be there to support her, but she decided not to.
 So... We decided to have a cookout at Sylvania Lake to celebrate.
 My precious daughter decided to stay the night with her grandma the night before and on the way to the cookout she got a hold of a marker and made herself a tiger.
 My oldest sister Holly.
 My brother-n-law Sammy, with Conner on his back.
 My crazy beautiful cousin Britany.
 My son and his grandma. 

Without the emotional support, place to live, and occasional baby sitting services of  my husband, my mother, my mother-n-law, and my grandma-n-law, college would not have been possible. I also would not have been able to do college without the help of financial aid, pell grants, scholarships and other grants. Unfortunately, I still had to take out loans to help cover some of my tuition, gas, books, and to help take care of my children. Even though I had to take out loans, I'm glad I didn't have to ask anyone else to help me financially with college or my children (except my husband, lol).


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