Freak Hail Storm!

Apparently, our road got a freak hail storm that no one else experienced like we did. It started out of nowhere. It was sunny, we were outside playing and cleaning out the truck when it all of a sudden got dark. We decided to go in and almost immediately it began to hail. Not just any hail but like huge hail! Huge to me because all I've ever seen is maybe dime size. This was like bigger than golf balls! What was so strange though was the duration of the hail. It lasted about 35 minutes! It busted a window out of the truck in the back yard. Busted our bedroom window. Somehow me and Nikolai got cut by the glass but just nicks. It dented our vehicles to "hail" and back. My car was not insured so I have to live with the dents. It caused $4,000.00 worth of damage to our trailblazer that we did have insured. And it scared our poor dog to death! Some one called us while this was going to and the hail was loud that even with shouting they couldn't hear us and we couldn't hear them. It was strange and scary! The pictures don't look bad at all. But it was worse in person!
Logan went out in it like a dummy in flip flops to get our dog to safety. 
He picked up one on the run!
This is our porch with a roof on it!


  1. Even though the hailstorm only lasted for 35 minutes, I could imagine the amount of damage those big chunks caused to your house and vehicles. But cars and houses can be repaired. The important thing was that you were all safe.

    Martha Brady @ Indianapolis Dent Company


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