Daddy Being Charitable

Daddy was feeling charitable, as usual, and bought us tickets to a local fundraiser. The event was a pancake breakfast and an antique car show. I don't remember what the money went towards, but it was at the local high school. I was excited to do something different and out of our routine. The kids, surprisingly, ate all three of their pancakes and drank two cups of orange juice. I was amazed. Being pregnant, the smell of pancakes was not that appetizing but I ate one anyways, along with everyone's sausage patties! After that, we walked around to the different booths. We went to the school's greenhouse and looked at their flowers for sale. They had grown some beautiful flowers and I couldn't pass up getting pictures of the kids in front of them. After that we went and looked at all the cars. That was by far Nikolai and Logan's favorite part. Then the kids, (that includes Logan) got to take part in a driving simulation. They loved it! It was a great day and we helped an organization that I don't remember lol.
Her bangs, that took me some time to get used to...


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