I used puzzle saver glue (cheaper than mod podge) to cover an Olvaltine and perfume can. The pink one is a change bank for me and Logan and the one with the stars is to sore Nikolai's toy soldiers. I loved the way they turned out.
Victoria tried on hats and played with toys at the store. 
 Nikolai felt silly.

We purchased a new used vehicle. 
I love it, but I'm still not trading Logan my jeep that I love even more.
He added the "Logan & Jenia" tag. Aww!
 Me and Victoria went to get the tires rotated. She played with toys while I drank coffee.
 We went to Stevie B's where all three of them zoned out on the t.v. Both the kids just HAD to sit with Daddy.
 Do you see a little girl taking a nap? I sure didn't at first, it about gave me a heart attack. Couldn't find her anywhere, lol.
We went to McDonald's to eat with my mom.
 I love this picture of Nikolai and his Momo!!
We drove illegally and probably unsafely to I59 and to the Georgia state line to get lottery tickets. I won nothing :( Nikolai pretended to be asleep while the other two were actually asleep.
 But, I scored Logan a brand new Alabama hat for $3.00!! Oh yeah! I sent him a picture of the hat on me that said "look what I bought you" and he was excited that I bought him a girl! lol.
He was wearing his wedding ring way before our wedding. It looks so good on him. He is just too cute!

I am so lucky to have a great life and an awesome family!


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