In Love with Spring Time

I'm posting this a couple of months late. This was from March. It was supposed to be springtime, but it really felt like summer. Either way, we made the best of it and truly enjoyed it.
We ate outside, on the porch, with a touch of candle light. There was no bugs, the temperature was just right, and it was oh so relaxing

The kids enjoyed it as well.
Every time we leave the house, Victoria has to pick flowers.
 This is her "cheese" face lol.
Oh the quietness that comes when she closes her little eyes.
Me and Logan went to the movies.
 Where he made funny faces in the Star Wars Cutout.
We went to a Wedding, but not before she picked a "flower."
She played with bubbles, and ran around in her high heels.
We rode in the truck with the windows down, her bangs got in her eyes, so we did this lol.

We decided to go fishing.
 It took Sissy a little bit to get woke up.
But, after a few minutes...
She was smiling,
 and playing.
She sat next to her brother while he fished.
I love when my children get along.
It gives you such a happy feeling.
Nikolai caught 3 fish!
 Daddy caught 2.
Mommy caught 4! Yes I out-fished my husband! Hahahaha. I won!

Our crazy Alaskan Husky "Mossy"

 We bought a new sand and water activity table.
 The kids love it!
 They get sand everywhere!
But who cares?
March brought many happy memories!


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