Daddy had to baby sit while I worked late.
Victoria let Daddy put her hair up AND put a bow in it!
She never lets me do that... not fair.
But, I guess she missed me, because she put on my pajamas.
 The view from the drive way.
Nikolai, got in a fight at school. He got a lot of scratches. Apparently, a lot of the boys looked like that. They got in one big wrestling match, but Nikolai was trying to do the right thing.
 Bought a $25.00 bag for $5.00! WIN!
She was feeling sleepy, wasn't gonna hinder my shopping though.
 This was not her nap time, she was acting strange. Come to find out, she had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, and I unknowingly spread it. This is the worst she's ever been sick. She was so pitiful.


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