christmas day

We woke up to stuffed stockings
And presents stuffed under the tree.
 Santa even knew Nikolai's nickname: Nikaroo.
Santa left Nikolai and Victoria a sweet note! I love his handwriting! Though, I'm not sure I agree with his P.S. "tell mommy she owes daddy a new truck." First off Santa, I have been really good this year, secondly, Daddy's car broke on it's own! And third, Daddy had a car and therefore does not get a truck to replace a car! But, I love you anyway Santa C.!
 Daddy's tire came off while I was driving down the road. Figures one of the few times I decide to drive it, it falls apart, just so he can blame me. Totally not my fault!!
Love the Christmas Morning excitement!
Victoria was pretty indifferent about all the toys, she was like yeah, I know, I deserve them. Where's the next present?
I think my beautiful children had a great Christmas Morning! Thanks goes to Santa C.! ;)


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