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Nik's First Time Skating

After getting an invitation to Aaron's skating birthday party, I realized we have never taken Nikolai skating before. I was so excited at the thought of taking Nikolai to learn something that I loved to do as a kid. I was kinda excited because I wanted to skate too! He took right to it, sorta. He really just walked in them but he only fell a few times! He did such a great job. I think the skates were really heavy on his feet and after an hour he was ready for his shoes to be back on, and of course he was ready for some birthday cake, which he never shut up about the entire time!! Daddy Bear did not skate. He says this is a stupid worthless skill and who ever thought of skating should be shot. I think Daddy Bear didn't skate because he is not so graceful and just gets aggravated that he isn't talented enough to skate. But, whoever did invent skates couldn't have been the brightest person in the world. I mean, who wants to attach wheels to their feet and go in circles o…