A Beautiful Day

It's February 23, 2012. I am working as an intern 4 days a week and attending school 1 day a week. I am planning a bridal shower and a wedding. I am also getting ready to take my state licensure exam, looking for a job, and getting ready for graduate school. Among all of this I am raising my two beautiful children. I feel guilty because I'm often busy or really tired to spend the quality time that I desire to have with my children all the time. I think that this makes any time I spend with my children extra special to me. I truly believe that an important component to the future health of the next generation is spending quality time with our children.

With that being said, today was a beautiful day. For February, today's weather was very strange. With a high of 77 degrees it was unusually warm. The wind was strong and it gave the false sense of being in Florida, it felt like the wind was blowing off the rolling waves. I love the wind. Today was perfect. I had to work today and I sat at the window watching the beautiful weather just wishing that I was at home with my kids outside playing. Today lasted f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I finally got home though and I put on some comfy clothes and took the kids for a walk. I didn't take my camera with me for once. I feel like I'm always so busy trying to get good pictures that it takes away from some of our quality time. We walked hand in hand through a pasture on the top of the hill. We got in a circle and went around and around, it was so good to hear my kids giggle and see them grinning. We walked some more. Then we found a nice spot and laid down in the grass and looked at the sky, the clouds, the planes, and the world slowly turning by. I could have laid there for hours gazing at this beautiful wonderful sky. However, my kids are a little too active to be still that long. They were up within minutes ready to continue our walk.

We walked til we reached the fence on the other side. We stood under a huge tree for a few minutes talking about the chicken houses we could see off in the distance. I discussed with Nikolai how chicken houses work. I don't think he completely understands that the animals he calls chickens is one and the same as the chicken nuggets he loves so much. We turned around and headed home. We saw horses in the next pasture over which made Nikolai smile. He talked about the trees and the different foods he loved to eat. I carried Victoria for a while. She disliked the wind blowing in her ears so I put her hood up and she just looked at everything with curiosity. It is such a beautiful sight to see your child discovering, learning, and growing. I put her on my back and I held Nikolai's hand until we came upon some blooming flowers. I let them pick one flower each and I picked one too. I told them it was important to only pick one because we wanted them to grow as much as possible and be pretty.

I believe my kids had fun today. This may not be a memory that they will remember but I will. Hopefully one day they will see my blog and they can read this and maybe just maybe sense how much I truly love them and how I tried my best to be a great mom to them. I am by no means a perfect mom, but I am learning how to be a better parent with each and every day that goes by. My children are teaching me so much more than any other experience in my life. My children are such a blessing, they are miracles and while I wish I could claim that me and Logan made these children completely on our own, but I must admit that without God I would not have such wonderful children and a wonderful little family. I must thank God for all that he has given me in this beautiful world.


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