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My Little Prissy Girl

My little girl, Victoria Ashlynn, is such a tomboy... most of the time. She loves everything her brother does. But, back in December, she decided to be girly. She grabbed aunt Alisha's scarf and purse and got ready to go bye-bye. She even let me put her hair up and she left it for a very long time. Anytime I fix her hair, it is usually down within minutes or sometimes seconds. It was so odd to see my little girl as a little prissy girl. It made me feel like a mom to a little girly girl for once. She walked with her arm out and purse in tow. It tickled my family to see her this way. I'll always remember that day as her first prissy experience.

I love my little girl so very very much.

A Beautiful Day

It's February 23, 2012. I am working as an intern 4 days a week and attending school 1 day a week. I am planning a bridal shower and a wedding. I am also getting ready to take my state licensure exam, looking for a job, and getting ready for graduate school. Among all of this I am raising my two beautiful children. I feel guilty because I'm often busy or really tired to spend the quality time that I desire to have with my children all the time. I think that this makes any time I spend with my children extra special to me. I truly believe that an important component to the future health of the next generation is spending quality time with our children.

With that being said, today was a beautiful day. For February, today's weather was very strange. With a high of 77 degrees it was unusually warm. The wind was strong and it gave the false sense of being in Florida, it felt like the wind was blowing off the rolling waves. I love the wind. Today was perfect. I had to work today …

Christmas on the Rocks