My Little Girl is Growing Up

This is Victoria's very first toddler bed. A sign that she is growing up :(
I'm not sure I was ready for this. I hate change. I wanted her to stay a little sweet baby.
But, truth is, she is a toddler who is mean half the time lol.I guess she was ready for this.
 This is Nikolai's bed, of course, Lightening McQueen!
I love the foot stool I put in between their beds and put our extra pillows on it.
It is great for sitting on and reading bed time stories to my babies.
She was so excited about her bed. She ran and jumped into it and covered up.
 She had to have her cup of milk.
She was so sleepy.
 Nikolai was very happy for some reason lol.
 He jumped up and gave me some good night lovings.
 I was very very tired.
Victoria loved her new bed.
She surprisingly slept in it all night long.
I guess this wasn't such a bad change after all.


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