Halloween 2011!

Ahh... memories, sweet memories :)
This was the Year of the Batman and the Witch!
Nikolai picked out his own costume this year. He wanted daddy to be batman and him to be robin. I finally persuaded him that daddy was not dressing up and that I could not find a robin outfit. He was more than happy to be bat man.
His costume cost $9.99 from Wal-mart.
I got Victoria's costume for $3.00 at the Salvation Army store, still new in the pack.
Added some black pants and her black boots, and later on a black long sleeved shirt underneath so she could stay warm while trick or treating. 
I got her witches broom for 99 cents at Little Lots.
I made her tutu myself for only a couple of bucks. To bad she hates tutu's and refused to wear it.
My gorgeous babies!


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