Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

With the sadness of my sister's death, it was in my children's best interest to try to have some holiday spirit. Me Logan and the kids decided to go buy our first Christmas tree. Sure, we've decorated trees before, but they we're never just "our" tree. We went to Eddie's and bought a few Christmas ornaments and went to Lowe's to pick out a real live tree. It didn't take us long to pick one out and get it home. We set it up and started decorating.
We forgot about lights, so we had to borrow some from one of Logan's aunts.
 This was the ornament that me and Logan picked out.
 This was Victoria's ice cream cone.
Nikolai's fire truck!

Man, don't they look like some freaky life sized baby dolls?
 We had to borrow some more ornaments because we didn't have enough and didn't have the extra money to buy any.
This was our Christmas Tree for 2011. It was mostly red and gold and decorated by our little family of four!


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