Carving Out Memories

Daddy starting our annual pumpkin carving.
 Nikolai dug right in.
 But hated the feel of it just like in previous years. Victoria did it a few times. I don't think either of them much care for the squishy feel.
They wiped their hands on the grass and just watched as me, daddy and uncle Gage cleaned it out.
 Logan tried to get Nikolai to do it some more, but he refused lol.
 Logan and Nikolai drew the face on with a sharpie.
 Victoria watched...
 and played with the wind chimes.
 I think daddy had a lot of fun.
 When I said Nikolai drew part of it, I meant it. That's why it has two different eyes lol.
 But he was so proud of it!
He also got to help carve it. I wanted to make both the eyes the same so bad, but Logan said it made it more Nikolai. He was right. It definitely was Nikolai's art work. He was so proud of it that anyone that came over was escorted to the porch so they could view our pumpkin.

 I thought it was so funny that Daddy accidentally broke the stem off the pumpkin so he left the knife in it so we could open it to put the candle in.Silly daddy. I think the knife was actually pretty cute. This is our family pumpkin for the Halloween season of 2011. I hope  the kids look back on these pictures when they are older and enjoy this memory.


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