Nikolai's First Day of Headstart

It was such a hard decision to put Nikolai in head-start, but I decided that it would be best for him to be around other kids and get accustomed to a regular routine in a school atmosphere. A part of me never wanted to put him in school. I felt awful because I knew it was just part of him growing up. I wanted him to stay home with me and just chill like we have always done. I was afraid that he would become less attached to me being away from me everyday. I was also worried that Nikolai and Victoria's brother-sister bond would be lessened. But, Nikolai is doing great. He is still close to me, Logan, and Victoria. He loves school, he has friends, he gets to do all sorts of crafts. He knows all his months, days of the week, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals and so much more. I am just amazed at how much he has opened up and the knowledge he has gained. Some days I wish he was home with me, but overall I do not regret the fact that he is in head-start. I am so proud of my little man. I just wish he would quit growing so fast :)

This was him on his first day of school!
He was super duper excited!
 The kids were asked to sit on the rug and pick out a book to read.
Nikolai refused to sit on the floor so he sat at the table like a big boy.
He was so happy....
because his book had cars in it lol.

 and so did his cubby!
I cried a few tears, but I was okay...
I know what your thinking.
How can I leave my son at school when he is crying this hard.
Actually, he was crying because he did not want to leave school.
He had such a great time that he wanted to stay and play.
He didn't want to come home, which made me feel bad.
He did good the next few days and then the crying because he didn't want me to leave started.
 But he does great now. We have both adjusted to it.
But I sure do enjoy having him home for Christmas break!


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