Nikolai Turns 4! Cowboy Party!

Oh my gosh! My son turned FOUR in September! Four! I can barely believe how fast he has grown. It just blows my mind. Nikolai was my first baby and he will always be my baby no matter how many times he demands that he is not a baby, he is a boy lol. I gave Nikolai a few choices for the theme for his birthday party this year. Excitedly, for us both, he picked a cowboy party. I did a lot of planning for this party, mostly in my head. But, I got by really cheap on his party, and I think it was one of his best parties yet. Nikolai was pretty quite on his birthday, until we got to the cake and presents, then he was loud! He wouldn't wear the real cowboy leather chaps and vest that his granny and maw maw bought him :( But he still looked cute in his jeans, boots, t-shirt, and his leather cowboy hat. We had some good food like hot dogs, cole slaw, beans, and chips and dip.We also had glass bottle cream sodas and root beers. I loved this party and so did Nikolai. He talks about his cowboy party a lot.
His invitations were a wanted poster that I designed and printed on aged looking paper. I rolled the invitation up, then got my 49 cent ball of twine and tied a bow on it.
I had burlap table clothes as well as red.We also got cowboy hats from Oriental Trading. The kids loved getting to take them home.
We also bought some cheap sheriffs badges...  
 and bandanas, so everyone was decked out as a cowboy!
 We put daddy in charge of balloons as usual. He arrived with cowboy balloons and all sorts of farm animal balloons, not exactly what we were going for, but cute none the less.

I took an old window frame and tied twine on it and hung some more wanted posters on it.
I spray painted some rocks gold and placed them in a watering trough, that had water and sand in it. So we had a gold mine and we used pie tins to catch the gold. I took an old piece of wood and made a sign, it may not look the best, but I thought it was a cute touch.
I was surprised that not all the kids wanted to find gold, it was mostly the older kids who had fun with this.
I love mason jars!! I tied twine around the mouths of the jars. We had jelly beans, licorice and chocolate Twizzlers, and some old fashioned root beer barrels, and peppermint candies.
His cake was just a Wal-mart cake that had two horses on it. Simple, but Nikolai loved it!
I found some gold platters that I used to serve my cowboy pops on. I wish I had taken a picture of them before they were all gone. I dipped marshmallows in chocolate and rolled them in gram crackers. Everyone loved them as you can see.
 Sheriff Daddy Bear!
My Birthday Boy <3
His face was so red from running around and playing with all the other kids.
 He got soooo many presents! Like, too many presents. lol.
 And his first big boy fishing pole from his daddy!
We had hay bales for the kids to play, sit and take pictures on. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pictures of my kids on them. I took a lot of pictures of all his cousins and friends because I was gonna do wanted thank you poster's. I have some awesome pictures of Nikolai and his friends but I don't wanna put pictures of other people's kids on the internet without them knowing.
 My beautiful little cowgirl with icing on her face :)
I think all the kids had a blast. I got so many compliments on this party and a lot of my family asked where I got the ideas for this party. Mixture of my own imagination and Google lol. I'm doing Victoria a rainbow party and I can not wait for that party too!


  1. I'm so sad we missed this party! I've always loved the cowboy theme and Nikolai's looked so fun! I'm glad you did this post because I never got to see pictures from his party.


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