Turning Off The T.V.

I have a bad habit of always turning the T.V. on right when I get up. If the kids get up before me, they come ask me to turn it on for them. Mostly they watch old Disney movies, Scooby Doo, Thomas the Train, Tom and Jerry, or Garfield. I'm starting to feel that they are watching too many movies and not learning enough. When I sit down to read a book to them, the T.V. is usually still on, so Nikolai usually loses interest in the book and focuses on the television. T.V. is a habit for us, I'm going to break it. Or drastically reduce the amount that we watch it anyways. I'm going to do this by turning the T.V. off when we do crafts, read, or focusing on learning activities. Though it is very hot out side, and the mosquitos are bad, I'm going to try to do more outside things with the kids. I love the outdoors and I want them to love it too. Yesterday we made homemade play-dough and pink paper plate piggys. The play-dough was a huge hit with Nikolai! He hasn't stopped playing with it yet. We added Jessica and her little boy Gabriel to our crafty fun.

Who knew Play-dough and Pink Piggy Plates could be so much fun!


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