A Start to a Great Day

The past two night's Victoria has slept in her bed all night long, which means I didn't wake up at all. I didn't get kicked, slapped or pushed to the edge of the bed. Another thing that has happened for the past two days is that Nikolai didn't wake me up before 7 o'clock. So I feel pretty rested and ready to start my day! Victoria woke up at 8 o'clock and I put her in my bed so we could cuddle. She let me kiss her and love on her and she laid there and smiled and wrapped her little arms tightly around my neck. One of those perfect little hugs. Then Nikolai woke up and came to join our cuddling, he smothered me and sissy-bug with kisses.

I asked them, "so what do you babies want to do today?"

Nikolai replied, "Paint!"

Me: "I think we can do that, what do you want to paint?"

Nikolai: "I want to paint I love you!"

I love my kids so much. So today I guess were going to be painting I love you. Me and the kids got up and I put on some comfy jogging pants that have  hearts on them and Nikolai says, "Ohhh! Mommy those are cute!" This is going to be a great day I can tell!


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