Siblings, Crafts, Love.

Wow! It's so rare to get a picture of both of my kids together, sitting still, and then throw the paint in there. They do crafts together all the time, but they are usually on the opposite ends of the table so they have their own space untampered by each other. Surprisingly, they got along great sitting right next to each other and it gave mommy some good pictures. You can really tell they're brother and sister when they sit side by side. You can even tell they love each other.

They look alike.
They watched each other.
They shared paint!
Neither one of my kids like to share anything....
But they did!
Victoria got bored painting on paper..
So she painted her hair..
her arm...
her face..
then she took a bite!
Nikolai concentrates hard and comes out with masterpieces.
These are my children, my babies, my butt heads and my life. And I'm lovin' life!


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