Nikolai's Fishing Adventures

A boy's first time fishing with his dad is a special tradition. It's a time meant for bonding, teaching, loving, and having fun. It's a special memory for a father, an important building block for a son. I've been able to experience all of my children's "firsts." It felt bad not to be there for Nikolai's first time fishing, not being able to document, photograph, and ultimately preserving that special memory. Logan insisted that this was a father-son thing. I understood, even though I really wanted to go. I didn't take one single picture that day, that memory belongs to Logan and Nikolai and I'm happy about that. They have something that just the two of them can share. Logan did think about me though, he brought back their first hooks and weights to put in Nikolai's scrapbook. That meant a lot to me and I really appreciated it. Although I didn't get to experience Nikolai's first time fishing, Logan was glad to have me and Victoria along for the second and third time. I was sure to take plenty of pictures. I even got a picture of their first fish of the year, but it was little, so they threw it back. We all had a great time. It's day's like these that make memories that we can look back on and enjoy.


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