My Sleeping Beauty

I used to love when Nikolai would get so tired he would fall asleep anywhere doing anything. Victoria does it too! She has done it several times lately. She usually gets her blanket and cup and gets comfy. There was a few times that she would not let me rock her or lay her down so she just cried herself to sleep where ever she chose. I think it's funny and cute.



  1. Oh man, my son NEVER falls asleep anywhere he's not supposed to, not even eating food at the table when he's exhausted. He sleeps well when he's napping and asleep for the night, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but he never falls asleep from fatigue. Perhaps it's all that boundless energy he has. ROTFL!

  2. Lucky you! It's great that he sleeps well at naptime and throughout the night. My two are sooo hyper, they don't like to slow down for anything. I think it's quite hilarious the places and positions Victoria falls asleep in. Thanks for commenting!!


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