Lake Time!

This was all of our first time to the lake this year, but it was Victoria's very first time ever. Nikolai and Logan were ready to fish (Nikolai has a great cast by the way!), I was ready to get a tan, and well Victoria doesn't really care as long as she's having fun. We played in the water for a little while, but it was just a little to slimey for me so Granny played with Victoria in the water. Uncle Jim and Uncle Gage took the girls and Nikolai out on the boat. Shortly after they left, Victoria fell asleep in the water. We laid her down inside and she slept for a long time. With one kid gone and one asleep, me and Logan sat on the end of the dock and fished. I had a lot of fun getting to spend time with him, even though we didn't catch anything and I got some sun. We saw a huge fish swim right under our feet and from that point on Logan was out to get that fish. He never got it, but he will one day ;)


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